Special education

Bensalem Township School District provides for the placement of all exceptional children in district programs or in off campus programs where district programs do not meet the student need.

Support programs are operated for qualifying students who meet one of the 13 exceptionalities according to 22 PA Code 14.1.

Students may be placed in these programs after appropriate referral by the guidance counselor, Instructional Support Team, teacher or parent; evaluation by a school psychologist and when necessary a psychiatrist; and the consideration by a multidisciplinary team of counselor, psychologist, teachers, administrators and the parents.

The school district program for the gifted is a special interests program for grades one through five and a humanities program for students grades six through eleven. A math-science program is provided for eligible gifted students in grades six, seven and eight. A gifted communications IV is offered to eligible seniors.

special education

Parents who think their student is in need of a special education program should talk with the child’s guidance counselor or the building principal. The guidance counselor will prepare a packet of referral information, which will include background information from the parents, the child’s teacher(s), and vision/hearing screening. After the packet has been received in the Special Education office, the parents will be requested to sign a permission to evaluate. When all evaluations are completed, the CER (Comprehensive Evaluation Report) will be forwarded to the parent with recommendation to the IEP team. Actual programming for the student and decisions about exceptionality will be made at an individualized education program meeting to which the parent will be invited.

Specific information about special education programs can be obtained from the building guidance counselor or the Director of Special Education.